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Creek Valley Conducting Apply2College Event

Seniors at Creek Valley High School will take a critical step in the college preparation process when they participate in a college application event on October 13, 2021 at the school. 

Creek Valley is one of several Nebraska high schools conducting events as part of the statewide Apply2College Campaign sponsored by EducationQuest Foundation. During the event, seniors will get help with their college applications from school staff. 

Even though some seniors may have already applied or started the process, I feel it is important to provide an opportunity with guided assistance for all seniors.

Nebraska’s Apply2College Campaign is part of the American College Application Campaign sponsored by the American Council on Education. 

Some items students need to have for the day include having their social security number, the number in their graduating class, class rank, grade point average, and any and all extra-curricular activities.  In addition, having their best ACT score along with the date it was taken are also items needed on the student checklist.  Some college applications require a short essay.  Students need to be prepared to describe why they chose a particular college, how they will contribute to and grow from their college experiences, and an adult who inspired them on their path to success.

Juniors also need to be getting ready to narrow their college choices this time of year.  There are some steps both juniors and seniors can take to guide the process.  First, students should research colleges.  This involves learning about the various degrees, talking to an admissions representative, or attending a College Fair.  The next step is the most important step in determining if a school is right for students:  Go on campus visits.  Some colleges offer virtual tours.  It’s important to visit colleges when they are in session.  While on the visit, students should meet with an admissions representative or financial aid counselor to discuss how to apply and pay for college.  

Once students have done their research and made campus visits, they should begin to narrow down their choices.  Narrowing down choices can be based upon academic programs, size, location, and social climate.  

Taking college entrance exams, such as the ACT or SAT is extremely important as colleges will use your best score for scholarship and admission decisions.  For juniors, they will be taking the ACT in the spring.  Utilizing the On-to-College/John Baylor ACT test preps are tools students can use to score the best they can possibly score for this exam.  

Once students have been accepted for admission, the college will instruct students to create an online student account/portal for communications about financial aid, admissions, or other college-related matters.

In the spring of students’ senior year, students should compare their top colleges and make a final decision.  With this step comes the next steps:  signing up for an online account or portal, submitting the application form and deposit for campus housing, registering for new-student orientation, notifying the other schools of your decision and decline their awards, and lastly, applying for student and/or parent loans, if needed.

Planning for beyond high school can be quite stressful and daunting, and we at Creek Valley want to support our students in this process and provide the necessary support and resources to guide them through as they make the transition from high school students to college students.

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, help support our students as they participate in the Apply2College Day sponsored by Education Quest and wear your college apparel to show your spirit and where you attended college.  “Do something now, your future self will thank you later.”

From the desk of Principal Amy Hostetler