Joe Kupper

K-12 Guidance Counselor

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my "teacher page"!

I have been in the game of education since 2003. My first position was at Arthur County High School, where I was the science teacher, assistant football coach, and assistant track coach. During my time in Arthur, I coached nearly every sport that we had, and the classes that I taught sometimes changed. Two things that were always consistent from year to year was that I cared deeply for my students, and my students in turn trusted me enough to talk to me about the struggles that they were facing in life. In 2009, I began the process of getting my master's degree in school counseling from Chadron State College so that I could better serve my students. In 2013, I finished my degree. Finally, I was made the guidance counselor for Arthur County Schools during the 2015-16 school year.

In 2016, I started at Creek Valley Schools as the K-12 Guidance Counselor. Little has changed. I still coach football, junior high basketball, and track, and I still make it a priority to show my care and compassion for our students on a daily basis. I love my job!!! I get to help students every day who are struggling with different issues; my job is to help them to find the best path to their own personal success. It is heart warming to watch students grow and develop at a personal level!

I also enjoy the opportunity that being a coach has given me to help students and have an impact on their lives. Athletics are so similar to real life. Whether it is football, basketball, or track, students get the opportunity to learn that it takes a strong work ethic, a determination to reach goals, the ability to deal with adversity, and strong social skills and teamwork to be successful. Sports help us to learn character together, and I am blessed to be in a position to help teach and develop that character.

I am married to my wonderful and beautiful wife, Liz. We also have three children, Joey, Ava, and Jeremiah, who proudly attend Creek Valley Schools. When I am not working or coaching, we enjoy spending some family time together. I enjoy hunting, fishing, and camping in my free time.

Well, there is a little about me. I am genuinely excited to learn more about each of you!