Mrs. Ringer

9-12 English


1st Period: PLAN

2nd Period: English 8

3rd Period: Math 7

4th Period: Media Production

5th Period: English 7

6th Period: Keyboarding 7

7th Period: JH Study Skills & Research

8th Period: Media Production 8


1. Be respectful, responsible, and genuinely responsive.

2. Come prepared.

a. computer, paper, pen &/or pencil, planner, L to J

b. You are responsible for you!

3. Be optimistic; avoid pessimism.

a. Avoid immature complaining and whining.

b. Do not put people down - don't ridicule others.

c. Do not sue adjectives that are "unmentionable"; those words are not appropriate for school.

4. If you do not understand something, use other resources before genuinely asking me.

a. When an assignment is due, you don't get extra time when I hear, "I don't get it" or, "I didn't get it done" - notify me before class.

5. Use time wisely until the bell;

a. Read a book, study L to J, etc. ... or a project will be created.