Mrs. Cabela


I have been a teacher for twenty-three years. I have lived in Chappell and been married for twenty-three years too. I am married to Mike Cabela, who manages Cabela’s Furniture. We have two children, Ben and Caitlyn. Lastly, I must mention the family pets: Jimmy the Corgie and Ace the naughty cat!

In 1994, I graduated from Chadron State College. My first five years as a teacher, I was a Special Education Teacher at Ogallala Middle School. Following this position, I accepted the offer to be the 6th Grade Teacher at Chappell Elementary. Then I accepted a position with Creek Valley Schools at the Middle School teaching science, math and reading. At this time, I am with Creek Valley Schools as an Instructional Coach and I coordinate SAT, 504 and HAL programs.

Instructional Coach

This position is about supporting teaching staff as they promote student academic growth. I spend time gathering and analyzing student data. This data is used to support and drive discussions with staff to move instruction forward.

HAL Coordinator

HAL-High Ability Learners

In this area of my teaching position, I process student testing data to identify High Ability Learners at Creek Valley in grades kindergarten through twelfth grade. I also organize activities for students to explore their strengths and challenge their academic achievements.

SAT/504 Coordinator

In this position I coordinate meetings with educators, students and their families. These meetings provide communication between the school and home to put together academic and social supports for students. The strategies are implemented by staff, parents, and students by meeting their needs and improving educational opportunities.

Intervention Support

I host weekly classes for students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. The goal of this time is to support educational content topics for enrichment or recovery through the school year.

Math-6 Educator

I work with sixth grade students daily to learn math skills supporting the Nebraska State Standards in all math areas including: geometry, algebra, number sense and real-world applications. Currently, Creek Valley Math curriculum is Math Expressions.