Patrick Ningen


My name is Patrick Ningen, and this is my 12th year at Creek Valley Schools. Over the years, I have been elementary and high school principal at Creek Valley. Starting in 2018, I took over the superintendent duties for the district. I have an amazing family. My wife, Laurie, son Justin, and daughters Ella and Chloa keep me very busy, which I am thankful for. My previous teaching experiences include Hay Springs, Papillion LaVista, and St. Paul, all in Nebraska. I like to say that education is the family business, as my father was a teacher and administrator, and his father was a teacher. I also have many relatives that are or were teachers, counselors, speech pathologists, librarians, administrators, and coaches.

In my years at Creek Valley, I have been able to experience many wonderful moments, many high fives from students, and a great deal of positivity from our patrons. I know many administrators can say this, but I truly believe we have some of the best kids around, right here at Creek Valley. One thing I always want them to know is that they are a person of action. We all are. We have the opportunity to change our own lives and the lives of those around us. All of us have this opportunity. The question is, will you take it?

I'm excited for the 2020-2021 school year, and look forward to conversations, community, and building Storm Pride!